Monday, October 07, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 41

Week 41: More beautiful weather, but it's a crapshoot whether your morning runs are 40 or 60. Either way, I'll take it.  Hopefully everyone got their long run in early on Saturday and avoided the torrential downfall in the afternoon.

6.5 miles starting from the Downers Grove cemetery (just across the street from Runners Grove). Consider this as training for your Resurrection Mary 5k (see link below). Anyone who grew up in Chicago and had older brothers and sisters were likely tortured by stories of this place (that wasn't just me, was it?). Now is your chance to face your fears and run past many of the legendary locations.

Good luck to all Chicago Marathoners! This is your week!  Most of us not running will be waiting for you at mile 12.5 with plenty of water and Gatorade just for you!

Week 41: or (6.5 miles)

Chicago Marathon: Training week 18 --- THIS IS YOUR WEEK!
Marine Corps Marathon: Training Week 16 with 2 weeks to go.
Naperville Marathon: Training week 14 with 4 weeks to go.
DG Challenge 2013: Week 41 with 3 weeks to go.


Resurrection Mark 5k - Oct 20th, Justice, IL

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