Monday, February 25, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 09

Sorry for the delay on this one. My after-work/part-time gig is over (for now), so back to the regularly weekly chaos.

The original route for this week included some trials which, seeing as how we are supposed to get more snow, I decided to nix this until a later time.

Parking is readily available at Barth Pond (aka Patriot's Park). Technically the path around the lake isn't part of the course, but if you're looking for extra mileage a few laps around the lake make for a scenic trip.

When you're on Fairview, look for the huge monstrosity of lawn ornament just south of 55th. She gets repainted for the seasons, so we may revisit later this year.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 08

Who knows that the weather will bring this week; 20s, 30s, maybe some snow.  Perfect for anther 6.6 miles just slightly south of the center of DG.  Not so many loops, but two more triangles. What were city designers thinking?  Another beautiful neighborhood with a mix of some of the best Sears catalog homes and newer neo-classics.

Park at the church or the school. As usual, please be respectful of activities at these locations.  Parking should be free (or already paid for by your local taxes--depending on how you look at it).

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Chicago Marathon registration opens tomorrow (Feb 19th), at noon. Excepted sell-out time is less than 2 days. March Madness Half Marathon is about a month away.  47 days until Shamrock Shuffle.

Monday, February 11, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 07

The snow is melting and we expect less precipitation this week.
Another week and more miles. 7.2 this week to almost over this entire
neighborhood. Loops and more loops.  If you've ever ran the Indian
Boundary Y Commit to be Fit 5k/10k, then you are familiar with the
"Downers Grove Triangle".  That small triangular intersection with the
cone that never stays put during the race and runners who always cut
the corner regardless! Cheaters! Just for that, we all must pay the
price and run the triangle *three* *times* (it has three sides, so it
shouldn't be that surprising).  There are three other triangles in
this neighborhood, for a triune of the geometric shapes.

Park at the Y and head west on 59th. This gets the looping out of the
way early and leaves you with some long straightaways for the finish.
 Or head east and save the twisty-turnys for the end. Your choice.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 06

More snow, and more miles...6.8 miles to be exact. Easy parking on the west side of Doerhoefer Park (off Venard Rd).  This is a nice residential area that should have limited traffic and plenty of sidewalks.  Look out for crazy suburbanites with snow blowers.

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