Monday, February 18, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 08

Who knows that the weather will bring this week; 20s, 30s, maybe some snow.  Perfect for anther 6.6 miles just slightly south of the center of DG.  Not so many loops, but two more triangles. What were city designers thinking?  Another beautiful neighborhood with a mix of some of the best Sears catalog homes and newer neo-classics.

Park at the church or the school. As usual, please be respectful of activities at these locations.  Parking should be free (or already paid for by your local taxes--depending on how you look at it).

Week 08: or


Chicago Marathon registration opens tomorrow (Feb 19th), at noon. Excepted sell-out time is less than 2 days. March Madness Half Marathon is about a month away.  47 days until Shamrock Shuffle.

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