Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free State 40 Mile Trail Run, Lawrence, KS

Been a while since I made a video. Enjoy...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trying out my new running shoes...

Going out to break in my new Vibram Five Finger running shoes.


Quick Review:

Comfortable. Lightweight. Good feel.

Has just enough protection to take the bite out of stepping on sharp objects; pointy rocks, fallen branches, pieces of glass, etc. But flexible enough to feel like you’re almost barefoot.

Takes some getting used to just to get them on your feet, slipping your toes into each “finger”. They fit like driving gloves—a bit snug, but flexible enough that you can forget they are on your feet.

The shoes give you good feedback on your gait with the trade off that they are less forgiving of mistakes. It’s kind of like taking your car and lowing the suspension, stiffing the shocks, and using racing tires – you get a better feel of the road and, consequently, can respond to it better and (for most people) makes it more fun to drive. The downside of driving a race car is, your car no longer skids in the corners if you make a mistake—it snaps out of control. Potholes aren’t absorbed by the suspension—they’re transferred to the seat.

If you strike your heel (like I usually do), the jolt is no longer absorbed by the inch+ of cushion on your shoe and dispersed throughout—the strike is sent as a jolt up your leg into your hips. The upside is that you know—immediately—to plant your foot under you (not in font).

It forces you to be deliberate about your running gait with the idea that eventually the proper gait will become habit/natural for you.

I’ll go out on a limb and say they are not for everyone and are squarely aimed at the serious, and more technical, runner. But, like a sports car, there is a “fun” factor.

I think the biggest surprise to me is how thin the sole really is. You feel *everything* -- cracks in the sidewalk, small rocks, twigs. This also means I have to start with low mileage on these shoes—it’s not really a replacement for everyday running shoes at this point.

More to come....