Sunday, January 27, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 05

We saved the longest route for week with the anticipated worse weather so far. Week 5 comes in at 7.3 miles in this cozy west-central corner of DG. We circle the golf course and another section of undeveloped land. Bring your clubs if the weather clears up!

Check the signs about parking. It's a commuter lot, so be aware of when you need to pay and when it's free.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 04

Week 4 is ready to be run!  No surprises here. 6.0 miles to knock out an east-central section of DG around Whitlock Park. If you're looking for a bit extra, there's a 0.6 mile trail that runs around the park -- brings back memories of soccer club days...

There's a plenty of parking at Whitlock. Head west out of the parking lot and go south. Some roads go through/around a shopping plaza, so take care in looking for vehicular traffic. If you're going in the dark, wear reflectors and lights.

I re-drew this map about a dozen times trying to find the route with the least overlap. 6.0 miles is the best I could do. If you can find something more-optimal, please let us know.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 03

Week 3 is ready to be run! The route has been verified and pre-run -- guaranteed no dead ends or your money back!

This week's course starts and ends at Downers Grove South High School and you will be on your own schedule to get this one done. I encourage you to get with a partner and check this one off your list on an early morning run.  There's always the 5am run group that meets on Tuesdays and Fridays at DGS, so this might be your time to meet some new friends!

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A "running" tally of our routes is available here:


Monday, January 07, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 02

Week 2 is ready to be run. Please print/download/memorize the course on your own. I will not be bringing printed copies as I did last week.

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There will be a group of us running it on Wednesday at 6:30pm on our usual group run meeting time at Runners Grove. After this week, our next few routes will not originate at Runners Grove.

A "running" tally of our routes is available here:


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Week 01: or  (A Facebook account is not required to view the page)