Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Chicago Half Marathon

Summary: it was wet.

2008 Chicago Half Marathon

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Worm Migration of 2008

I was trying to sneak in a run this morning. It's been quite wet around here recently. Now we're in the middle of three days of non-stop rain due to the effects of Ike.

The gutters were full of worms, up and down the block. Amazing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oak Brook Half Marathon 2008

A quick pictorial of the Oak Brook 1st Annual 50th Anniversary Half Marathon. Full write-up in the works.


6:05am and no lines 6:05am and virtually no lines.

Good thing I got here earlyGlad I got here early.

Marty and EricMarty and Eric.

Lots of people aheadLots of people ahead.

Lots of people behindLots of people behind.

Inching closer to the startInching closer to the start.

Here we goHere we go.


My family got up early to cheer me onMy family made it up early to cheer me on!


P9017131After a short jog on the street to thin the pack out, most of the course was on hiking paths or nice wide sidewalks.

P9017133Hope they weren't trying to get in a golf game with all these runners going by.

P9017134Decent amount of aid stations along the way.



P9017141My family is everywhere!


P9017143Just over half way, now we're out in the sun and it's starting to warm up.

P9017144No more shade trees, at least for now.



P9017149My family, again!

P9017150Berma shave!

P9017151...just a few...


P9017153I nice finish through the park.





drs EncounterChicago Area Dead Runners: Russ, Kelly, Paul

P9017162Monkeys in a tree.