Monday, September 30, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 40

More beautiful weather--which means we are reaching the peak of running season. I love hearing everyone's race news, news of PRs, and even a simple "I got out and ran today" reports.  For most of us, our major fall races are just around the corner!  In other news, the light at the end of the DG Challenge tunnel is now visible. This week we celebrate 40 weeks of challenge routes, with a mere 4 more weeks to go.

8.8 miles to finish off the west-central edge of DG (and it's unincorporated properties). The section is almost entirely DG's light-industrial district. Traffic during the day can get busy, with evenings being fairly light traffic. With sunset around 6:30pm this week, make sure you're using plenty of reflective gear and a headlamp.

Week 40: or (8.8 miles)

Chicago Marathon: Training week 17 with 1 weeks to go.
Marine Corps Marathon: Training Week 15 with 3 weeks to go.
Naperville Marathon: Training week 13 with 5 weeks to go.
DG Challenge 2013: Week 40 with 4 weeks to go!


If you're not running the Chicago Marathon, please consider volunteering. We have a large group from the DG running club, and their extended friends and family, working at Aid Station #9 (mile 12.5) or at other locations along the course.

Did I mention the jackets are a new color this year?

Call/email/message me directly for details.

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