Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 37

Congrats to Chicago Half Marathon Finishers! Turned out to be a decent
day for running and I can't wait to see those race reports.

With the Chicago Half down, that means full mary training is ramping
up; whether you're running Chicago, Marine Corp, or Naperville (anyone
running more than one of those??).  That also means football season is
upon us, hockey is right around the corner, and b-ball is on the
horizon.  But don't get distracted yet, we all have work to do.

It's 90 degrees with excessive heat warnings, so keep hydrated on
those long distance runs. Get as much done before the sun comes out.
We have a shorter-than-usual route to help deal with the weather:

4.5 miles to close out the south east quadrant of DG. We are getting
close to our goal of covering all the streets!

Week 37: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/286919451 or
http://tinyurl.com/p292657 (4.5 miles)

Chicago Marathon: Training week 14 with 4 weeks to go.
Marine Corps Marathon: Training Week 12 with 6 weeks to go.
Naperville Marathon: Training week 10 with 8 weeks to go.

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