Monday, August 12, 2013

DG Challenge 2013 - Week 33

An easy 5.8 miles in this Northern-East-Central-ish part of DG. It's
been a few months since we were last in this area. Week 4 was just to
the north, and week 23 just to the south. Now it's time to finish off
the this section of the border.

All major crossing occur at intersections with lights, so please
exercise caution. Otherwise the route is mostly residential.

I've written the map so that the recommended direction starts at the
push pin and the end is just short of the push pin (when looking at
the Google maps link). This should avoid those instances with the
group runs when everyone writes up their own cue sheet and we have
three different set of directions.

Week 33: or (5.8 miles)

Chicago Marathon: Training week 10 with 8 weeks to go.
Marine Corps Marathon: Training Week 8 with 10 weeks to go.
Naperville Marathon: Training week 6 with 12 weeks to go.

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