Monday, December 31, 2012

DG Challenge Week 1 - Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is tallying up their miles for 2012. Personally, this was a big jump in miles for myself--but that wasn't too difficult for me since 2010 was a "rebuilding year", and most of 2011 was spent away from home.

I'm eagerly awaiting making even more progress in 2013 including our group challenge!

While this is officially week 1 of the DG Challenge, this week's course won't be announced until Wednesday at our 6:30pm group run at Runners Grove.

Feel free to join our Facebook page at:

Even if you don't have a Facebook account you can still view the page and keep up with additional news and commentary.

Overall progress will be tracked online at:

Right now, it only contains an outline of the village limits--we'll start adding courses as they are announced.

I've been getting a few questions; so it's time to assemble a FAQ. Here we go:

1) How many miles of roads are there?

Officially, DG maintains 311 miles of roads with in the village limits. But this doesn't include a large section of unincorporated DG on the west side and several miles of county and state maintained roadways for an additional 49 miles. That's a total of 360 miles of roads--a mile a day with a short week of vacation.

2) Do I have to run them all?

Our primary goal is to get out and see new parts of the village. If you've done that at all we'll consider this a success. There are several of us who have committed to running them all, but you're free to set your own goal.

3) Do I have to run with the group.

No. Many runs will originate from the center of town and will be great for Monday/Wednesday group runs starting at Runners Grove. But most courses will require driving/biking/running to some location. Any time after the course is announced you can run the map at your own time/pace.


That's all for now.

Have a safe and happy New Year! See you on the flip side...


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