Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Michigan dentist’s improbable transformation. (or how I learned to cheat at running marathons)

I hate to spoil the ending, but this paragraph sums up one mans quest to beat the system.
The marathon, no matter where it takes place, remains, as ever, a solitary pursuit in which every runner ultimately competes against himself or herself. Whatever drove Kip Litton was an entirely different battle with himself, one that quite possibly escaped his understanding. One thing, though, he grasped perfectly. Like the most dazzling of magicians or the most artful of art forgers, by withholding the secret of how the illusion worked he retained a power uniquely his own: the spoils of his humiliation, perhaps, but a knowledge that no one was about to take away. 

 Read the entire story at The New Yorker original article

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