Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where do you fit in?

I'm not much of a celebrity-watch person, but there's something intriguing about charting "famous" people and their marathon times. I guess it comes down to, they're just as human as we are. So, here's my collection of famous people and their best marathon times. I'm going to keep this updated as I discover more. Feel free to post updated info as a comment.

And, yes, anyone 90 years or older that finishes a marathon is a celebrity in my book.

timenameknown forevent
2:46:03Alan Turingmathematician, cryptologist1947 Leicestershire Amateur Athletic Championships Marathon
2:59:36Lance Armstrongamerican bicycler2006 ING New York City Marathon
3:04:21Dana Carveycomedian1972 Ocean to Bay Marathon
3:23:54Bjorn Ulvaeusmusician (ABBA)1980 Stockholm Marathon
3:24:29William BaldwinactorNew York City Marathon
3:44:52George W. BushPresident of the United States of America1993 Houston Marathon
3:55:40Anthony Edwardsactor, ERChicago Marathon
3:56:12Will Ferrellactor2003 Boston Marathon
4:08:30Meredith Baxteractress, Family Ties1982 NYC Marathon
4:14:54Sean 'P. Diddy' Combsmusician2002 NYC Marathon
4:29:20Oprah Winfreytv personality1994 Marine Corps Marahton
5:29:58Katie Holmesactress2007 NYC Marathon
5:40Fauja Singh92 years old2003 Toronto Marathon
6:04:43David Lee Rothmusician1987 New York City Marathon
7:33Dimitrion Yordanidis98 years old1976 Greece to Athens Marathon
11:34Jenny Wood-Allen90 year old woman2002 London Marathon


Jenn said...

Here's one:

Will Ferrell
Boston Marathon 2003

Think I read recently that Jason Bateman is training (or was training) during the writer's strike. Vaguely remember a quote that he was going to kick Katie Holmes' (NY Marathon) a**!

John said...

Katie Holmes
2007 NYC Marathon

Oprah Winfrey
Marine Corps Marathon

Ken said...

G"Dubya" Bush

1993 Houston Marathon in 3:44:52

(of course he probably cheated)