Thursday, August 02, 2007


I almost always carry a camera with me. Especially when running. I see so many interesting things and nothing helps capture the memory like a still photograph.

Its been years since I pulled out a home movie, but hardly a week goes by that I don't flip through a few dozen snapshots of time. I've started the monumental task of scanning and labeling my parents and grandparents photo albums.

So what does this have to do with running? On this particular day I leave my camera at home. I almost go back for it when I realize the battery isn't charged so I'd be limited in my picture snapping capabilities.

Besides, there are several days and several runs that pass by without taking a pictures. Certainly this would just be another one of those days.

Less than 1/2 mile into my run at Waterfall Glen, I pass by a doe and her small fawn who are grazing (do deer graze?) on the edge of the path. Without a picture, no one would believe that I came with 10 feet of the deer as they watched me pass by. No running off, just a cautious glance as we cross paths. Unbelievable.

Before the mile is over I pass a sled-dogs-in-training group. A wheeled sled with 6 dogs pulling the trainer. Another unusual sight without a picture.

I have since bought a second rechargable battery for the camera so one is always charged, and I just need to swap batteries. No more excuses for being camera-less.

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